How to Fix QuickBooks POS Error 1706?

How to Fix QuickBooks POS Error 1706?

Errors go hand in hand with software, no matter how much optimal it is. This fact goes all the same with QuickBooks. Just like in all the other software, QuickBooks too shows up multiple errors at times. But no worries, there also lies solutions to these errors. One such error is QuickBooks POS Error 1706.

This error occurs when there lies an issue with the process of downloading and installing the QuickBooks Point of Scale. As soon as the user of the QuickBooks starts the POS installer, an error message is displayed on the screen: “No valid source could be located while opening Point of Scale.

How does the user get to know that QuickBooks Desktop POS Error 1706 has occurred?

The system starts giving different signs as soon as it is hit by any kind of error. Some of the signs are as follows:

  • The QuickBooks software stops working.

  • The system rejects the mouse and keyboard inputs.

  • Windows Operating system freezes or gets crashed.

  • Tasks that are ongoing come to a sudden halt without any reason.

Now, let us know about the Causes of this Error 1706

Below are some of the reasons which results in QuickBooks Desktop POS Error 1706:

  • Corruption or damage of Windows registry.

  • Corruption or damage of Point of Sale (POS) software.

  • Installation process prohibited due to Firewall settings.

  • The system holds the Beta version of Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1.

What are ways to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop POS Error 1706?

Whatever be the QuickBooks error, there always exists quite easy ways to resolve the QB error code 1706. Some of the solutions to the error are as follows:

Procedure 1: Try to reinstall the Point of Scale software

  • First of all, the QuickBooks Point of Scale needs to be downloaded.

  • Launch the POS executable file.

  • If the prompt is received, try to overwrite the existing extracted files.

  • Select the option All Positive.

  • Add the QuickBooks passcode which consists of the License Number along with the Product Number.

  • Set the user mode depending on the number of systems.

  • Reboot the computer.

  • At last, activate the POS.

Procedure 2: If the QuickBooks POS is outdated, update it

  • At the foremost, click on the Downloads menu.

  • Update the web page.

  • Click on the Product menu.

  • Next, click on the QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS).

  • Be cautious to press on the proper edition with the version.

  • Click on the Search button and go to the link Get the Latest updates.

  • Save the file.

  • Lastly, update QuickBooks POS. And then, reboot the system.

Procedure 3: Try downloading the Tool Microsoft Fixit.

  • Press Start.

  • In the Search bar, type Command Prompt.

  • Right-click on it.

  • Now, select the Run as Admin button.

  • Then, add the Admin password.

  • If the system runs on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, then operate the DISM tool.

  • Now, on the Command Prompt screen, type the SFC command.

  • Press Enter. It will fix all the corrupted files.

Procedure 4: Clean the Windows Temporary Folder

  • First, go for the Run screen.

  • In the concerning field, add %temp%.

  • Choose the apt folders and delete those.

  • Lastly, open QuickBooks.


The aforementioned procedures to resolve QuickBooks Desktop POS Error 1706 can troubleshoot the error within a short time frame. If you have any queries related to QuickBooks or any other issues, feel free to contact us. Our QuickBooks error support team of expert professionals and advisors are there to provide apt solutions to your problems. Reach out to us at 1-800-761-1787.